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How To Choose Your Length of Hair Bundles?

by Abbott

Your hair can make a lasting impression on other people, just as your outfit or personality. To make your hair look good, the first and most important thing you need to decide is your style and personality. Make sure you are comfortable with what you wear. The shape of your face and the color of your skin should also complement your hair. And lastly, the thing that matters the most is the length of your hair bundles.

Many people get confused choosing the correct length of hair bundles, so here we are to help you in this critical matter. This article will help you select the perfect length to make you look perfect!

Factors To Think About While Deciding on What Length to Get

To figure out what length should you buy for yourself, there are some factors you should consider. Some of the most important ones are given below:


If you want to get your hair with a natural thickness and a short haircut, a closure and a maximum of two bundles should be adequate. On the other hand, if you want your hair wig to be extra thick, you must buy at least three to four bundles for approximately a shoulder length. And if you desire to increase the fullness of your hair, you will need an additional hair bundle.

Size Of Head

The average head measurement is done in terms of circumference, and it is commonly 21″ to at least 24″. Measure your head and get bundles according to it. If your head is big, you will need more bundles to accommodate the size, and a smaller head would require fewer bundles. Make sure to cover every part carefully.

Frontal Or Closure

The hair bundles come in various sizes, whether you match them with a frontal or closure. They repeatedly come in sizes like; 6×6, 5×5, and 4×4. So, whatever style you choose for yourself, it will necessitate at least two bundles if you use a closure. However, in the case of frontals, you can require three bundles because they cover a significant part of the head. Of course, the length and the style will play a huge role in determining the number of bundles.


On average, a bundle weighs nearly 100 grams. If you use a bundle of long hair, you will require more hair. It is suggested that if you utilize a bundle length of 22″, you must put on at least three bundles. Your look entirely depends on the length of your hair, so decide cautiously.

How To Get an Appropriate Length That Suits You?

While shopping for bundles, determine all the factors above and remember what length suits you. Because you might get the wrong length if you see a model wearing bundles and you order them. No matter that all bundle lengths are consistent, because of the height of the models, it could be different. It is possible that some bundles, though the same, look different on different figures. So, order the length you are sure about.

Bottom line

If you are still not sure about the length of bundles you should get for yourself, consult a hair stylist to guide you. Once you know what length is good for you, order them immediately, but to be on the safe side, we advise you to get 2-3 inches long hair. You can always trim them to the right length. Most hairstyles will need three bundles but get an extra bundle just because. It could be used some other time and won’t be wasted.

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