Home Decoration DIY: Making a Table with Hairpin Table Legs

DIY: Making a Table with Hairpin Table Legs

by Abbott

Not everyone is a fan of DIYs or loves working construction-related stuff. However, for those who are DIY fanatics, it’s the thrill of creating or modifying things that makes it all exciting. One such design worth creating is a dining table with hairpin table legs. If you’re up to the task, then you can use this as a guide for your next project.

How big should the table be?

The truth is, there’s no definite size that dining tables should have. If you think you’ve seen large dining tables, try comparing them with the length of the mediaeval dining tables or any of the Royal tables. A good way to know the ideal size is to measure the available space at your disposal. You should leave about 1m on each side of the table to chairs and movement freedom.

Choose your tabletop

Dining tables have evolved beyond the traditional wood top, where uniqueness was only seen in length and color. Now, there are many options to use from wood, glass, and marble. To keep things simple, it’s best to settle with wood. Unless you’ve the tools to cut through or work with other materials.

Choose your table legs

There are plenty of options to choose from, but today you’ll be going for hairpin table legs. They are called hairpin table legs because they look like a hairpin. They also come in different heights and sizes, so you’ll have to decide what works best for you, judging by the size of the chosen tabletop.

Paint the legs

This is solely a matter of preference. If you’re not comfortable with the color the hairpin table legs came in, you’re at liberty to spray with your desired color. There’s more to just the traditional black and brown colour. If you’re up for it, you can explore but make sure it fits into the space and doesn’t look awkward with the background.

Position the legs

You’ll need to mark out the location of the legs on the underside of the table. You’ll need a ruler and tape to get accurate measurements. Watch out for the spacing between the legs. How many people do you intend to sit at the table? A four-people dining table should comfortably sit all four without their knees making contact with each other. It’s fine to make mistakes as long as you correct your markings.

Attach hairpin table legs

When you’re satisfied with the measurement, prepare a drill to begin attaching the legs. Pick a drill bit that’s the right size with the screw. You can have someone assist you in ensuring you make no mistakes. When done with attaching all legs, place the table on a level floor and check to see if the table is well balanced.

Congratulations on making your first dining table with hairpin table legs. Hopefully, you’re ready to take on more DIY challenges.


A dining table is a great piece of equipment in a living space. Incorporating modern designs into all aspects of home furniture gives the space a chic look. You can start out by replacing table legs with hairpin legs. They’re beautiful to behold.

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